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Norfolk Poems

Here are some lovely Norfolk Poems by our own resident poet Marjorie Violet


For Norfolk or Suffolk Hotels - Click the Accommodations Link.s. The sea breezes blow and play with reeds that sway and dance
Witness nature's ballet with real swans other wildlife enhance
A sand piper accompaniment across Blakeney marshes rings
Geese in their thousands darken the sky, a lone skylark soars and sings
Coloured sails glide along as mud flats fill and flow
Owners waiting patiently as incoming tide signals "Go"
A scene enacted daily with new sets every time
A theatre unsurpassed as sea birds in their prime
Are extras in this pageant which we mortals review
Following marshland footpaths with their ever changing view
We tire ourselves expressing the delights that catch the eye
As the sun which followed our every move now colours the evening sky.

For Norfolk or Suffolk Wildlife Parks and Nature Reserves - Click the What to do Link.A Day at the Seaside

North Norfolk coastlines beckon we travel in and play
Monsters we build with seashore sand and pebble shapes convey
Here is an eye oh please use me another eye we quickly see
While clawlike pebbles form the toes
Meanwhile the tide outward flows
Waves build and fall in disarray others in unison display
A line of breakers ends in foam as wet-suited surfers play alone
Seabirds feed as the tide recedes damaged seaweed weeps and bleeds
These seaweed fronds were hidden from view
But daily reappear as onlookers review
And scramble to rockpools their treasures unseen
Our wondrous delights as their contents we glean
Crabs rockfish winkles and you have to be quick to capture the limpets
Who stubbornly cling to their home the rock surface
As the spades contact rings
Sculptured crocodile and sandcastles await patiently
The tide that will wash them back into the sea 

For Norfolk or Suffolk BistoMyths and Legends of Norfolk

A question mark is always present
When one hears tales from squire or peasant
You can shiver or shake
When from a selection you take
And in Norfolk it seems there are many 
Smugglers and hangings
Strange voices planning
Maybe the murders related
Black Shuck who scares all
And modern folk recall
Sightings quite recently dated


Down under the drains
May be mammoth remains
Lay extinct all hidden from view
Then one day a tusk
Suggests look here we must
So further without more ado
An archaeological site
Appears overnight
And the interest shown is amazing
So now there is hope
With this lucky stroke
With optimism and luck they'll be raising 

The County of Norfolk

Strong colours washed and faded
While others pastel shaded
Through villages excite the eye

Of travellers as they're passing by
Hanging baskets their colours enhancing
While playfull breezes through these dancing

Form memories for another day
When weather patterns cloudy grey
Invite interests of another kind

As historical places reveal you'll find
Norfolk shares all this and more
As the country and bays you all explore

Travelling through Norfolk

Flintstone Cottages at their best, 
tucked away seats, places to rest 
and view the coastline stretching miles 
and meet the Norfolk folk with their friendly smiles

Winding lanes where marshes sway, 
as breezes blow across the bay.
Open heathland, RSPB
where twitchers wait around to see 
rare migrants from across the sea.

Attractive signposts suggest to me, 
interesting villages near the sea. 
Park your car and ambling roam 
around and about from your holiday home.

Modern ideas readily show, 
Norfolk 2000 already aglow, 
with design lighting along the bay 
and sunsets encouraging a much longer stay  


Just History

An old guild hall at Blakeney; small, but steeped in history
Cloisters unbelievable keep company with the mystery
No light today as we stray through an inviting doorway
Outside cold winds, a bright blue sky and Blakeney's thriving highway

How long ago did skeins of geese first pattern a similar sky
No RSPB to register the thousands that please the eye
Migrants all, they proudly call proclaiming their safe arrival
And in present day so many stay and prove their great survival

I suppose twitchers then like twitchers now recorded their to-ing and fro-ing
And another Bill Oddie spread the word of migrants coming and going
The waving marshes a special place to view this wondrous sight
Barn Owl spreads its wings, finds its food, to make it through the night.

Country lanes in North Norfolk

Through hedgerows bare we look for the hare
No sightings do we see
Pheasant and grouse near the farmers house
Roaming around quite free

Flocks of wood pigeon peck away
Competing with the rook
While squirrel just scratches and searches around
For sweet chestnuts that we overlooked

A few signs that spring is leaving and weaving
Pussy willow and catkins entwined
Blackthorn's white blossom sparkles and shines
Leaving our winter behind

We will look forward to the juicy black sloe
Gin bottles waiting for this winter delight
Warming when months of hoar frost and snow
Bring shivers and shakes in the night