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Northern and Scottish Tide Tables

QuickTide Tide Tables

The 2015 / 2016 Version with its orange top is now in stock, 16th Year.

Still Only 7.99 R.R.P + Delivery - Price unchanged again!

QuickTide is a slim colourful card.

It is very easy to use: you simply look up a date code on the back, and turn the wheel until the date code is next to the coast colour for the stretch of coast you are interested in.

Then you can see the corresponding high- and low-tide times at a glance.

The graphical representation enables you to judge the tidal profile.

No calculations; no need to adjust for summer time; all times are shown as AM or PM (not 24 hour clock): what could be simpler?

Each of the three QuickTide cards covers a wide area for Two Years.

In total thousands of miles of coastline are covered, including the 
whole of the UK mainland and the coast of Ireland.

The European coastline is covered from south Holland to beyond Gibraltar. 

UK Hydrographic Office - Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory - Tide tables

Patent GB2328767

Southern, Western and Welsh Tide Tables
South west
Southern, Eastern and Anglian Tide Tables
South east

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